A Question on Scotland’s Share of UK Assets

I have been reading in the press that Professor Adam Tomkins, the John Millar Professor of Public Law at Glasgow University, has expressed the legal opinion that an independent Scotland would only be able to keep UK assets located in Scotland.

That contrasts with Alex Salmond’s assertion that Scotland would have a share of all assets in the UK.

Can you imagine the ludicrous situation of an independent Scottish Government having an 8.5% share of  the Houses of Parliament? Mind you, that would mean that the rest of the UK (rUK) would own 91.5% of the Holyrood Parliament; Westminster would want to charge an extortionate rent 🙂

According to Professor Tomkins, International Law states that the continuator state (rUK) would continue to own State property located within its territory and abroad. Scotland would own all property located in Scotland.; EXCEPT  institutions of security – Faslane (well, the SNP doesn’t want that anyway!

Alright, here’s the question.

What has the Scottish Government, and Alex Salmond received as legal advice on their position that Scotland would share in all UK’s physical assets?


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One Response to A Question on Scotland’s Share of UK Assets

  1. iainb2014 says:

    Legal advice? No idea. Does that then mean that, since the 310tonnes of gold are in England, (what Gordon Brown didn’t sell off at the bottom of the market, what a genius!) they’re English and Scotland has no claim to a share?(Brown sold 395tonnes, cheap, to service UK debt.) Which Scotland didn’t need. Don’t you think a fair and equitable solution, given that Scotlands share of the debt is less than its share of movable/fixed Scottish assets, to swap debt for assets, Scotland walks away ‘scot’ free? Be the last profit England would make from us…..

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