‘Scottish Referendum: Countdown to a decision that will last for ever!’ [The Telegraph] #indyref

It needn’t be that way, of course. Voting to stay within the UK would, hopefully, be forever; but it does give the possibility in a generation or two for the question to be raised again.

Voting for independence on the other hand would be irrevocable!

There would then be no going back!

==> Read Danny Alexander’s article in The Telegraph today.

In the meantime, reflect on some of the trouble spots in the world today; Ukraine, Syria, Iraq – and then consider that in Scotland:

  • We are a free people
  • We have freedom of speech
  • We have freedom of movement
  • We are a democracy
  • We are a proud nation
  • We are part of the United Kingdom, with 300 years of history, world recognition, world influence, and a higher standard of living than many places in the world.
  • The UK is far stronger as a whole than the sum of its nation parts. Separation would not just reduce Scottish influence, but damage the UK as well.
  • We can do more to improve those aspects of society that are at a disadvantage by working harder together within the UK than by going it alone which is fraught with so much risk.


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I am a retired systems analyst. I love travelling with my wife and 2 Yorkies in our motorhome around the UK and Europe. I am interested in people, politics and photography. In retirement I am interested in helping hard-working and focused people to build an online business.
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