A Must read for wavering and undecided Referendum voters #indyref

Duncan Stephen explains why he will be voting no thanks with this comprehensive & brilliant analysis. I recommend everyone should read the full article [link below], especially if you are wavering or still undecided.

Under the following headings, Duncan asserts: –

– We face challenges for humanity, not just for Scotland
– Scotland is better together
– The UK has more chance of being fairer
– Scottish politicians are not inherently better
– Scotland is not under-represented at Westminster
– The illegal war was pursued by Scots
– I am in favour of independence — for people
– The SNP wants all the power to itself
– Independence is the wrong sort of constitutional reform
– Devolution works
– Independence is an old-fashioned solution to a problem people are beginning to solve themselves
– Scotland is not a “Tory-free zone”
– Nor is Scotland a “Ukip-free zone”
– There are geographical differences within Scotland as well
– Geographical differences exist in democracies all over the world
– A yes vote would cause uncertainty about Scotland’s place in the world
– A yes vote would cause uncertainty about our currency
– If an independent Scotland did join the EU, it would probably have to use the euro
– The yes campaign’s plans for tuition fees would be illegal
– Scotland cannot be like Norway, and it might not want to be anyway
– We only have one shot at spending oil money
– Whose oil is it anyway? Orkney and Shetland’s independence movement
– Independence would hack away at the BBC
– An independent Scotland would open the door for Rupert Murdoch
– Abuse and intimidation are hallmarks of the independence movement, from the grassroots all the way to the very top
– Nationalism is an inherently intolerant ideology
– Free speech has already taken a blow in this campaign
– Scotland needs to get this decision right
– A better chance to build our future together
– This vote is about uncertainty versus stability
– This vote is about more centralised control versus devolution

– I firmly believe that the best way we can build a better future together is with the UK. That is why I will be voting no thanks.

Duncan Stephen – Why I will be voting No thanks



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I am a retired systems analyst. I love travelling with my wife and 2 Yorkies in our motorhome around the UK and Europe. I am interested in people, politics and photography. In retirement I am interested in helping hard-working and focused people to build an online business.
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