Getting the government we vote for say @AlexSalmond @NicolaSturgeon : #indyref 

 and the nationalists are always telling us we won’t get the government we vote for unless we vote yes. People should not be taken in by this as it is patently absurd!

In an independent Scotland we will have free elections, just as we have in the UK.

It will be strange, if not impossible, that every single voter will vote for the same party in every constituency across the country.

A 100% return for one party is so unlikely in a free election that it is impossible.

If you accept this, then you must also accept that even in an iScotland we will not all get the government we vote for; unless, of course, you are Nicola Sturgeon or Alex Salmond.

Another lie or absurdity from the SNP and nationalists.


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I am a retired systems analyst. I love travelling with my wife and 2 Yorkies in our motorhome around the UK and Europe. I am interested in people, politics and photography. In retirement I am interested in helping hard-working and focused people to build an online business.
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