Thinking about the Election

Hi. I have been quiet since the Scottish Referendum in 2014 but there is much in this year’s Holyrood Election that concerns me and about the way Scotland has been governed in the past five years. So, I am considering a return to this blog.

Haven’t finally made up my mind, but watch this space!


About homerlindsay

I am a retired systems analyst. I love travelling with my wife and 2 Yorkies in our motorhome around the UK and Europe. I am interested in people, politics and photography. In retirement I am interested in helping hard-working and focused people to build an online business.
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2 Responses to Thinking about the Election

  1. homerlindsay says:

    Thanks for that, Caron, and yes, I know you might not agree with it, whatever ‘it’ might be.

  2. caronlindsay says:

    Go for it. I might not agree with you, but you will write it well.

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