About Me

I am Homer Lindsay and I live in Livingston, Scotland.


My interests include politics; in particular in 2014 the approaching Scottish Independence Referendum, which takes place on September 18th 2014. I am a both a proud Scot and British. I think Scotland is a great nation which thrives within the United Kingdom.

I have grave concerns about the viability of an independent Scotland and have read and researched as much as I can on its implications, costs, risks and potential rewards. I am no politician, no expert, no economist; I am a free thinking individual with the intelligence to know that this Referendum is as much an emotional decision as an economic one. I do not believe anyone should take this decision lightly (about how they will vote) on just the emotional issues. It would be too late afterwards to discover that the economic reality  left our standard of living much worse off than it is now. After all, once the decision is made, it will be for ever – there will be no going back! This website records my thinking on why I will be voting NO; in the event I find evidence of better prospects in independence then I would consider its implications but, on 10th August 2014, Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government have done/are doing little to raise my confidence. Currency is the most serious of many matter to deal with and they have no reasonable and clear answer on this issue.


I am married, have two daughters and six grandchildren. We also have two dogs – Magan and Maya – both Yorkshire terriers.

I have been retired since 31st December 2012. Since then, my wife and I have travelled around France for three months in our motorhome; vacationed in  Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun (December 2013 ) and generally had a very interesting first year. I’m not sure how I ever had time to work!

In 2014 we plan to travel again in our motorhome as much as possible; we left Scotland on 10th April for a second trip that took us down the east coast of England, into France on 18th April, across Normandy, the Loire valley, down the Atlantic Coast, across the Pyrenees to Agde, near Bezier on the Mediterranean coast. Our return took us to the Riviere sur Tarn, Auverne,  Burgundy, Champagne-Ardenne, Berny-Rivière, returning to Picardy in Normandy before returning to England on 30th June. A fabulous and relaxing way of nomadic life which we can heartily recommend. See Travel website


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